Brammibal’s Donuts at the Maybachufer in Kreuzberg

When I became a vegan a decade ago, I never thought I’d ever see a fully vegan donuts place in Berlin! So when Brammibal’s Donuts started their kickstarter to open  such a place, I immediately donated even though I was never a big donut fan. Sadly they didn’t get enough money and so I never got to enjoy my perk of getting a free donut on the regular…

Thankfully in 2016 they managed to open up their café anyway. And it’s safe to say, that it’s become very popular! On sundays they are so overcrowded that you can forget about sitting down (there’s 40 spaces inside and 15 outside) and you’ll have to wait in a long line to buy donuts to-go. I’d suggest going during the week or/and very early. Sometimes they run out of donuts before closing, which they always announce on their instagram page so make sure to check before you go in the middle of the day.

They offer a variety of donuts like salted caramel, matcha, strawberry cream cheese, espresso, maple coconut bacon, blueberry coconut, rosemary and have a changing selection of seasonal options, too. When I first tried them, I was actually a bit disappointed because I found them too dry, but the last two times this hasn’t been the case and they were soft and doughy. However the best donuts are the filled ones and the ones coated in chocolate. I think they need something to contrast the dough, otherwise they taste a bit boring to me. So unless you are an absolute donut minimalist, maybe don’t try the basic cinnamon-sugar one first. Also make sure to eat them as soon as possible and not carry them around for too long, as they tend to dry out/harden quickly.

Just in case anyone is unclear about this: these donuts are just as decadent and unhealthy as the real non-vegan deal, which is exactly what I’d hoped for. They’r really rich and filling and worth their price – 2,50 € for one, a box of 12 for 24 €.

Alongside the donuts you can buy lots of coffee specialities made from ethically sourced coffee and other hot and cold drinks. There’s also some savory food on the menu like bagels or a breakfast platter with bread, bakes beans, tempeh and avocado, which is tasty but a bit on the pricy side. You can certainly get a tasty breakfast or lunch here, but the main attraction is definitely round and fried.

Brammibal’s Donuts
Maybachufer 8, 12047 Berlin
Phone: 030 23948455

Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday 10-18.00

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  1. I’ve just booked a trip to Berlin next weekend and this place is first on my list – I had donuts there once before but it looks like it’s really blown up since then. It sounds like maybe Monday morning will be the best time to go?

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