At the moment there are three vegetarian “Goodies” cafés in Berlin.  The three vegan ones near the Veganz supermarket may still carry that name but are run by Veganz now. On the Veganz website it sounds like they’re still run by Goodies, but Goodies says that is not the case and they actually seem a bit upset about Veganz still using their name (“eventhough they are still using our name it’s not goodies anymore!!!”).

The three outlets are in Friedrichshain (Warschauer Str. 69), in Zehlendorf right near the Schlachtensee Lake (Breisgauer Straße 2a) and in Steglitz (Schloßstraße 78–82). I’ve been to the one Friedrichshain once years ago and I’ve never been to the Schlachtensee one but I’m a rather frequent visitor of the one in Steglitz. There aren’t many vegan options in Steglitz but my main reason for visiting this place a lot is because it’s right in the middle of a big Globetrotter, an outdoor shop – actually, I looked it up, it’s Europe’s biggest outdoor chain. While a café inside a store might not sound so comfy, I actually think it’s pretty cute there and also not a bad place to get a bit of work on your laptop done for a few hours.

You can see their German sample menu with pictures here but they don’t have everything. About half of the food is vegan and you can get all their coffees and shakes with soy milk, almond milk and sometimes coconut-rice milk, too. In the winter they also serve Spekulatius Latte, Maple Cinnamon Latte und Bullet Proof Latte (with coconut oil… which… no, thank you). Sometimes they have good raw Kombucha in the fridge. They always have a selection of cold salads to-go, which are overpriced but mostly tasty, several sandwiches and some cakes and other baked or raw sweet goods. I like their Chai lattes and Matcha lattes, their bagels with egg salad and the changing selection of soup they sell. The soup is also the cheapest way to get full there, you pay 4,90 euros for a big bowl and a slice of bread. I couldn’t even finish the pumpkin-coconut one with ginger because it was so rich. They used to have a great “OMG Chia Pudding” but I haven’t seen in there in a while. There’s always a jug of mint or orange infused water standing around, if you don’t feel like paying for a smoothie or a hot or iced drink.

Goodies cafés are definitely not must-go places  but I like them and they’re a nice option to have, especially because two of them are in areas that aren’t that vegan-friendly.



Goodies Friedrichshain
Warschauer Str. 69, 10243 Berlin
Opening hours:
Mo–Fr: 7:30–19 Uhr
Sa–Su: 9–19 Uhr



Goodies Steglitz inside Globetrotter
Schloßstr. 78–82, 12165 Berlin
Opening hours:
Mo–Fr: 10–20 Uhr
Sa: 9–20 Uhr



Goodies Zehlendorf
Breisgauer Str. 2a, 14129 Berlin
Opening hours:
Mo–Fr: 8–18 Uhr
Sa–Su: 9–18 Uhr

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